Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Foods That Can Be Harmful For Your Teeth

When we talk about the foods that can be harmful for your teeth, we consider the foods which can stain the teeth. Whiteness is important but it is not the only measure which needs to be considered when it comes to taking care of dental health. Having that said, there are some foods which can damage the teeth by leaving cracks and chips in the teeth. Those crowns can also loosen the crown or dental filling. So, it is also about the integrity of our teeth because we tend to eat a lot of things which can be hard to chew.

Having that said, there are a lot of foods eating which can cause damage to your teeth. Some of those foods are worth mentioning here.

Having your favorite drink during hot summer days brings you the ultimate pleasure. You will not be able to resist the urge of chewing ice floating on the surface of those drinks. While it surely is joyful, chewing on ice can result in cracks and chips on your teeth. Keeping the ice in mouth and sucking it can be far less dangerous than chewing. But then again, it would be quite better if you avoid having this ice pleasure at all.

You may think what’s so hard in the popcorn that can chip or crack your teeth. Well, there are plenty of un-popped kernels which can harm your teeth if you chew on them. Moreover, popcorn can be dangerous for your teeth in another way. The thin shells which hold the kernel of popcorns can get stuck between the teeth. They can also damage the gums, giving oral bacteria to attack the hidden portion of your teeth.

Fruits with pits
Olives, berries and a lot of dry fruits have pits inside them. These foods are actually delicious and healthy but you can damage your teeth if you chew on the pits inside those fruits. These pits can leave cracks and chips on your teeth. Moreover, the crown and filling can also get loosened if you chew those foods.

You may be a candy lover. But we are here to tell the bad news. Almost all types of candies can be bad for your teeth from different perspectives. We know about the sugars and bacteria and everything which can contribute in leading your teeth towards decay and cavities. Another downside of hard candies is that they can seriously harm your teeth by chipping and cracking them.

Although all types of candies can be bad for your teeth, sour candies are the ones you don’t want to use because of the disadvantages they can offer. Sour candies have high content of sugar and acids; and they are hard of course.

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